Hi devoted reader and fan of Pink Litter. We’ve some exciting news to share!

  • We recently hit and surpassed the 200 follower mark on WordPress! This is incredible considering how many creepers would never dare admit they love us for fear of what people might think! And for those of you who don’t give a shit what people think, yay you! You’ve taken a giant leap toward becoming and Enlightened Soul!
  • We’re fast approaching 50,000 hits! Expect a big party!
  • Announcing a new venture, Sleep Hazzard Publishing, (yes, I realize that it’s spelled wrong) which will publish books of fine erotica – find out more by emailing me
  • Likewise, a print-only issue is in the works, so get your submissions in!
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help Support us by clicking on the support link and buying something from our store. The Holidays are cumming, so let’s get those lists checked!
  • It’s like so much stuff is going on, your head is swimming!




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