A Devastation [Poem] by Misty Rampart


Lost in the gulf of

Who’s gonna fuck me blind?
You are, lover!
You and all that dick.
You and only you!

You’re a month and
I’m the moon
(the first cool thing I’ve seen
in all that time).

It’s crazy how hard you are,
how high my hand
can go before it reaches the tip.
It’s forever, love.

That stare in my eyes – that’s me
loving you all to myself.

So come play my love, let’s
eat this thing called love up
and play around with its empty

I let the sunlight hit
my hair and you
call me an angel because
that’s what I am.
Rewind –
Fwd –
it doesn’t matter,
I’ve got you here in my
own personal heaven.

Boy boy boy have I
got the tongue to tame you
but I don’t want to. I want
you in beast mode, want you
to take me, breasts and all,
to your own world where I’ll
be totally yours.
No rope –
No hope –
but to bounce and suck my
way to freedom,
though there’s no escape
from loving you all night.

It’s touch that does it, your
mouth on my mouth
creates a love and what
a devastation it is.


OK I admit it: I want to hurt
just a little bit. Or, if I’m honest,
I love it – love to hurt and you’re
just one of the best.

O bring me there! I will lick every inch
of your inches to be in that place of danger!

You know I love you, right, so it’s OK I just
shine and take your big cock.

I wonder if you’ve undressed me before today
in your mind like I’m undressing you now,
taking you in my mouth in a hurry.

Call me Julie, call me Crown (my you have a big dick).
Julie (you think) I love you (you think).

It’s time to make me gag, lover.
That’s it – take the breath
and the light out of me
while I eyes-fuck you master.

All the sweat metal,
All the speed,
is nothing compared to our loving.

Put it in me, big daddy,
make me feel your steel
oh yeah.

What is big? You are
too big for lunch but just right for
my mouth
(I’m gawdy when I say things).

Here’s my blonde love.
Here’s my Latin love.
You’re my dark black lover
Who I’m ready to go deep for,
Who I’m ready to go long for.


These bells in my head knock me out
and you put them there.
I try to ease them out with spit
but it’s a real demon (your cock)
and it’s a real demon (sucking your cock).

Avalanche that’s what it is.
An avalanche of desire which some people
just call “fuck” and say “fuck” when they mean
desire as in me wanting you.
Wanting you so badly I gotta have it and have it right now
like a rude son of a bitch orders his food.

They say love, I say love me like you want to
like you want me, love me like I love you
(even though it causes some pain).

Watch me take it all all,
deliver you from evil.

You’re not a macho guy
but you’re the guy,
the one I make love me.

I can shake whatever of mine that belongs to me.
Is there anything else you could want?
I’m into you, baby, can’t you see my

I’d say it’s all over for my heart, dear. Dead.
It’s all over. I’m done. I love you
(you just say fuck).
I just say you tear me up
I just say you just tear me apart.

That’s it baby.
That’s it babe.


I laugh but I have wings
so don’t laugh.
You could give me another kiss.
All I have to do is smile
and give you things like the thing I have
between my breasts –
it’s my heart can’t you see it
big boy?
(you’re too busy fucking me
but it’s not your fault,
I confuse the best of them
by the way I put out).
I’m not acting.

Happy New Year! May your 2019 be full of fun and great creativity.


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