Delicate Tornado Part Seven: Red Wedding

“Dropping to her knees she unzipped his pants and released his massive black cock.”

Red Wedding

People always show their true colors eventually, but it usually worked out for this girl, at least in some small way. I could count my triumphs and my failures in fairly even amounts, but the experience of each blissful moment and the freedom of doing it my way and not giving a shit, well that was all I needed in the end.

The bridesmaids’ dresses were actually pretty lovely, not the god awful things most Bridezillas make their lowly subjects wear, to make them look ugly and stupid so that they could have all the attention and appreciation. That was a nice touch; they were red with black Empire waists, with black heels and vertical striped nylons. It fit her pin up style. Her dress was an ivory A-Line/Princess V-neck Tea-Length Tulle Lace with a black beaded sash, her hair up in a bun, gorgeous rented diamond earrings, necklace and bracelets.

My plus one was Connie of all people. Picture us: two vivacious blondes walking in arm in arm to my best friend’s wedding, who was marrying my former lover — well it was all too perfect. If the guests only knew half of what the happy couple and I had done, what my “date” and I had been doing lately, well they would have all gotten up and left.

At the reception we saw the man of the hour. “Wanda, you look great. Who is your lovely date?” he said, shaking her hand. The phrase “A thing for blondes” passed through my head. I could just picture the two of us taking down this dark-skinned stud, having him pleasure us out of our minds as he was fully capable of doing.

“This is Connie Exner,” I said.

“I am,” she said amusingly. You must be Shawn. Wanda here told me all about you.”

He took her statement way too literally apparently as he looked a little uncomfortable.

“I believe you know her husband,” I said.

“Ex-husband,” she corrected.

“Oh yeah?” he asked. “Who?”

“Eddie, Eddie Blair,” she said.

He was dumbfounded, but tried to play it cool. “Yes, yes of course,” he said. I recognize you now from the pictures in his office. I should have…”

“Anyway, congratulations,” she said.

“Thank you,” he said, smiling and shaking her hand again.

“Well you must be awfully excited,” I said.

“It’s a great day, what can I say,” he said.

“I’m sure you have a lot of hands to shake,” Connie said. “We’ll let you get to it then,” I said.

Connie whispered in my ear: “he looks so delicious.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. But we were being so rude, whispering secrets in front of people.

“Ladies,” he said, “let me know if you need anything.” He looked us both up and down before he turned around and walked into the crowd.

“Look how he ogles you,” Connie said.

“I think he was looking at you,” I said.

We both smiled at each other, undeniably flattered.

While I was terrified to do so, I knew I had to pay respects to the bride. I introduced Connie and they shook hands and smiled.

“Really classy affair,” I said. “Fitting for such a classy woman.”

“It is, really,” Caryn said. “And thank you. I’m lucky to have such a great guy.”

I had to admit, at least to myself, that this situation had thrown me for a loop. All this I could have easily had, but I turned it down in favor of a monster. This girl just didn’t do things logically.

“Cheer up,” Connie said after we left Caryn’s company. She could always read my mind. “Let’s get drunk.”

We proceeded to do just that. Later on we went to the bathroom and who did we run into but the groom.

“I know what would really cheer you up,” Connie whispered to me.

“Hey, Shawn,” Connie said. “I’m um, in need of something from you. We both are.”

“Sure, what’s that?” he asked innocently.

“There’s a problem…in the coat room…” she said.

“What?” he said, still with no idea what she was getting at. I was starting to catch on. Fuck I thought. Was she really going to try what I thought she was going to try?

“Let me show you,” she said, taking him by the hand and leading him in to the…um… coat room. It was empty.

“You said if we needed anything to just ask,” she said.

“I did,” he said.

“Well we need this she said, putting her hand on his crotch. She had no hesitation going for it. Instead of freaking out, he just looked at her then kissed her. Fuck I thought. Smooth Shawn.

Dropping to her knees she unzipped his pants and released his massive black cock.

I kissed him. “I wanted to say how sorry I am,” I said. “For being such a head case.”

I don’t know if he heard me or not; the lady had her drunk mouth all over his cock.

I was being stupid and drunk, so I kept babbling. “I know you know how I think, and this all makes perfect sense to me. I should, however, apologize in advance.”

I unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants, massaging his gorgeous ass. He moaned as Connie continued to suck his swollen cock.

Spreading his legs apart I also knelt and began to tongue his ass; the poor guy couldn’t take it, became all wobbly and had to lie down on the carpeted floor. She went right ahead and mounted him, taking all of his black dick down inside her ex-wife pussy. He’d never be able to look at his boss again the same way. Or his wife! The two of us had a bad way of doing that – stunning people, fucking with their heads. Oh well, if they could stop us they would, but they couldn’t!

Connie’s wet cunt spilled come all over his balls, which I cleaned up with my tongue. This was such a hot experience! Guilt? Nope. Shame? Nope. After all, he owed me. The bride owed me too. I had to have him.

“Fuck me,” I said.

He managed to get up to his knees and I backed into and onto him. He took his sweet time entering my tight pussy until it was finally down to the balls. It had been so long since I had taken him but I remembered quickly. He moaned and moaned as he gave me every inch.

“Oh Shawn, fuuuuuuuck!” I grunted as I came on him.

Wa-wa-wa-Wanda!he stammered before he exploded inside me.

As soon as he was done filling me with his seed Connie slid underneath me and pulled my labia apart so that he could drip out of me and down into her waiting mouth.

“Good boy,” she said. He didn’t say anything, just stared in amazement.

“In lieu of a gift,” I said, “You’ll have this memory forever.” That was cheesy, but I said it.

I kissed the lady with Shawn’s remnants still on her tongue.

“You’d better get back to it,” Connie said.

“Yeah, you go be the good husband,” I said.

Even he chuckled a little bit. He could be mad, at himself or us, but why? We just shared a moment that was, frankly, unbelievable. I loved hanging out with Connie and Shawn was always fun.

He kissed both our hands.

Connie smiled and almost blushed.

“What a gentleman!” she said. “That’s what you need, Wanda. A nice guy like him.”

“I know,” I smiled. I know she was just kidding around a bit but it was also the truth. “I’ve had my chances before, but I always blow it.”

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