Announcing Smoke Show by Sophia Valera Heinecke with Illustrations by Clara Lenore James

(not the cover, just a sentiment)

Here’s a sample poem from Sophia’s upcoming Sleep Hazzard Press release Smoke Show:


I never went to homecoming.
No dances, no dresses.
Never for me. Just not.

Homecoming tonight:
The house was so warm, and glowing.
I took the keys. 
Pearl had a bag to bring in.

Right to the shower
Past all mirrors.
I will not be exposed to my own 
Watered down
hoed up
right now self.                      Earlier, she was cute tho…

I get the water hot. 
Sanitize setting.
After steam fills the room,
Pearl cracks the door.

When you skip your shift, 
lets drive to the beach?
Yes! I shout.
This voice, a sharp surprise, 
echoes in the tile around me
hovering with her laugh.

In bed, she is eating raspberries.
Her parents named her right,
though I’m never sure they named her.
She lays a raspberry in the cradle of her stomach
and another
crowning her nose. 
A new type of Cherub.

I gobble them up. 
We pile more into our mouths.
All the little reds
so alive in our bedroom.
All the raspberry stains
my mouth leaves 
on Pearl’s pale ass.

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Freelancer, poet, dreamer

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