Delicate Tornado Part Nine: Getting Serious

I smiled. Fucking damn right. I wanted to be owned by him, make him come hard every time, do little things for him to show him I cared.

Getting Serious

Fate will not and cannot be denied, that’s why you learn to take the good with the bad. And most of it is good. Really really good. You just have to let it happen.

After the incident with the sheriff, I decided to focus all my energy into getting my real estate license so I could “get a real job” and move on with my life. Connie let me live with her for the five months it took for me to pass the test. During that time, unfortunately Connie and I were much less intimate with one another, she choosing to pursue things with the Sheriff. I was happy, really happy for both of them. It seemed like a fairy-tale ending; childhood sweethearts, or thereabouts. Meanwhile here I was, alone again. So, I decided to go out one night looking to rekindle a little of what was such a fun and lucrative enterprise. Just once more I thought, for the hell of it. After that I would have to become a respectable and hopefully prosperous woman. Although it saddened me a little, there was no use pretending that I still didn’t feel like that classic grown-up person. I had heard you were supposed to just fake it. I could do that.

I was sitting at the bar when John walked up to me. I was startled and a bit red faced. It was as if he had caught me in some kind of shameful, sinful act.

“Buy you a drink?” he asked.

“I’ve already got one,” I said.

“Let’s have another, then,” he said. I had to admit I liked it when he was forceful, not the wishy-washy pussy I had beaten the shit out of months ago.

After several more rounds I was getting drunk.

Fuuuck I thought. Shitfaced and not getting any action at all.

“What’s it going to take?” he asked.

“For what?” I said.

“To go upstairs with you,” he said, “I know what you’ve been up to this past year and I have a proposition for you.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked.

“I’ll pay anything to sleep with you again,” he said, even more boldly.

“Well,” I said, “the going rate is pretty steep, but in your case, it’s really fucking steep.”

“How much?” he asked pointblank, undeterred by my insulting tone.

“How much you got?” I asked.

“About Ten Thousand,” he said.

I couldn’t help but choke and spit my drink out. He was serious. Ten grand to fuck me?

Don’t pussy out now, I thought. I was talking to him. I was ready. More than ready. I could take anything for ten G’s.

“Let’s go,” I said. I trusted him, figured he was good for it. In any case I’d take whatever he had, which was sure to clean him out. Teach that fucker a little lesson about what’s good for him.

Intoxicated as I was, I felt utterly flattered that anyone could desire me so much. Words were fine and good, but to pay someone that amount of money, well, I had to admit that was putting up or shutting up. We stumbled up to the room and before I even turned around he was behind me pulling my hair to the side and kissing my neck.

“Show me the money,” I said.

“Wanda,” he said, “I don’t have any cash on me. Well, not much anyway. But I do have this…”

We reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a navy blue box. What the fuck?

Kneeling before me he said “Wanda Casey, I love you and I want you to be my wife. In fact, I demand that you be my wife. You belong to me. You’re mine.”

What a proposal. He got it; he knew he couldn’t be too weak or I’d laugh in his face. It was an incredible ring, a Ritani, 2 carat round diamond by the look of it, with a Solitaire Six-Prong Knife-Edge setting. A girl just knows these things.

“And I am yours,” I said, not knowing whose voice that was “– yes, yes I will be your wife!” I was so thrilled, and besides, what the fuck else was I going to do with the rest of my life? The liquor made it easy for sure, but I would never admit to being persuaded by a guy who poured booze down my throat. I wanted this. I wanted this man who I could tell would be there no matter what.

He slid it on my finger. It fit very well. I pulled my hand up to get a closer look at the thing and I saw three diamonds instead of one, but they glistened a triple vision sparkle I had never seen before.

He was then in between my thighs, kissing the upper portion of my legs just near my pussy which had become wet for this dude. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit.

“Wait a second,” I sighed, sliding my dress off of my shoulders and down off of my luxurious body.

“Now, go ahead,” I said.

He spread my thighs apart and put his index and middle fingers up and inside me through my panties. He fingered me like a fucking stud – usually I wasn’t too impressed by the finger action but he knew how to do it well. His head rested against my belly and he kissed my belly button, driving me wild. What the fuck? Was I about to…come? FUUUUUCCCKKKK I gushed on his hand, dripping all over the poor hotel’s carpet. He licked his hands and fingers, savoring every drop of my orgasm.

Steering me by my ass with two strong hands he threw me down on the bed. I lay flat, totally unable to do anything to stop him. And why would I want to? I heard his belt unbuckle and pants drop to the floor with a thud. The next thing I felt was a sensation I had felt before – longed for for so long…his cock in my ass! I couldn’t believe he just went for it, but didn’t he always just do that? That was one of the reasons why I loved…could love him. I still wasn’t sure about that. But I was marrying the hairy fucking monster.

He worked it gently but not too gently, making me feel the pressure of his fat cock in my ass pressing against my vaginal wall. I recalled the first time he took me, with that nice guy Taylor, and in lieu of the same double penetration action, I stuck two fingers inside my pussy to intensify the sensation. I gushed again.

Finally, I could feel him begin to convulse and breathe really heavy. Yes – yes – yes! He exploded with a righteously fat come shot all over my shapely ass. He hadn’t even tried the pussy of his future bride, just went right for my dark territory.

“God dammit,” he grunted, “Fuck. Wanda. Oh my fucking god!”

He slapped his manly cock all over his come spray and worked it around, making my skin a glistening, sticky mess. He gave my ass cheek one last slap and a little more come came out of his hot prick.

“Oh John,” I chuckled. These men were all the same. At least they called me by the right name. They all did that.

He grabbed my hand and held it tight.

“Just the two of us now,” he said.

I smiled. Fucking damn right. I wanted to be owned by him, make him come hard every time, do little things for him to show him I cared. Was that love? It was a different feeling than I had for Eddie; I guess that wasn’t really love either. I saw that now. And was I glad it was over. John made me feel different – not the same as Eddie because who could – but it was a good different, every bit as wild as he whom I really shouldn’t even have been thinking about.

Exhausted, we slept side by side in our sty of lovemaking.

Only one more part to go!

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