Besties [Poem] by David Sprehe

sometimes i play and think about you
you quiver
my shiver is never good as yours 😦
i penetrate myself with thoughts of you
i groan, stuffed,
my tongue in your pubes
our nipples touch
your finger in my cunny
juicy my panties
you fuck my ass
choke me
semen rolling in pulses down your throat
our testicles press, smeared in expulsions
fingers eager for buttholes
spit, spit on my stomach,
my back,
push our dildo far as it will go
share taste
share oxygen, heart
your finger burns my clutching butthole
you sniff your finger
we laugh
you wipe your finger on the sheets
rolling together
i like it
so do you
legs up and smiling
i expel, pushing in
you fart, when I pull out,
fart the love I put in

David Sprehe types in SoIL, US

Published by mistyrampart

Freelancer, poet, dreamer

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