Love 1 [Poem] by Frederick Foote

I love the golden enchanted forest between your legs
My intrepid tongue, my greedy lips explorer for the hidden ore
You sigh, grow wet, creamy, explode in sweet delights
You pull my head roughly into your gushing vagina
I grab your ass pulling you tighter to me forming an unbreakable seal
Later, I lick your hairy bush, your sticky thighs clean of cum

Hundreds of miles apart I dream of invading those slumbering thighs
In my sleep I kiss those welcoming wet lips, lick your pussy, suck your clit
You call me groggy, moaning, groaning, pleading for more
I plunder you in our dreamscape until morning calls me
to switch channels to daydreams of you and I

Since 2014 Frederick Foote has published over two-hundred-fifty stories and poems including literary, science fiction, fables, and horror genres. Frederick has published two short story collections, For the Sake of Soul, (2015) and, Crossroads Encounters, (2016).

Published by mistyrampart

Freelancer, poet, dreamer

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