C.E. Hoffman’s “Sluts and Whores” Slated for Release

Past contributor C.E. Hoffman, who penned Bloom (Blowjobs) is set to release her collection of short stories February 14, 2021!

Go to her website for more information.

Here is an interview with the author:

PL: Please start by telling us a little about yourself and how you began as an artist.

C.E. Hoffman: I’ve felt the creative urge as long as I can remember. My parents will tell you I used to narrate stories minutes long (often longer!) when I was  wee. I wrote my first full-length novel (over 400 pages) at eleven years old, and the muse has remained ever-loyal- if not demanding! 

PL: What does the art express or mean to you personally? At the same time, what kind of thought or feeling are you trying to evoke from your audience?

C.E. Hoffman: Writing is my liferaft. Some seek inspiration to write- I seek methods to stop! Expressing myself via written word is a balm for my mental illness, which bodes for a highly-charged life experience. 

I’d love my writing to be a liferaft for others, too. To be that friend a shy person can carry around in their pocket. Through being heard, I want others to feel heard, too.

P.L.: Please describe your creative process (i.e. how do you work, stay up for days at a time or do a little here and there?)

C.E. Hoffman: I love having a project. When absorbed in a short-term task, like editing a finished manuscript, I may indeed work for 1-2 days non-stop. For longer endeavors, like plotting or writing a new novel, I try to take little steps every day. Either way, I work best in the morning, and often find myself bored by 11AM. 

P.L.: Who are some of your main influences?

C.E. Hoffman: Zadie Smith!! (NW- read it? If not, do so immediately!) Irvine Welsh. Martin Millar. C S Lewis. And many more! (Inspiration is everywhere!) 

P.L.: What is it you are trying to accomplish with your writing? Is it purely an expression of desire or more premeditated? 

C.E. Hoffman: I want to inspire people to heal their past and shape their future. In a time of division, I seek to unify. 

P.L.: Do you have a specific “type” of piece you enjoy creating more (i.e. an “energy piece” or a kind of pithy or quirky piece?) Is it more serious or fun stuff?

C.E. Hoffman: I love experimental thoughtstream narratives, wherein little is certain but feeling. I have a lot of fun with quirky dialogue, too! 

P.L.: What turns you on, personally and professionally?

C.E. Hoffman: People who respect me, and respect themselves. Oh, and Taron Egerton. 

P.L.: From poets to erotic bloggers, online communities such as FetLife to pure fiction, writers and artists are making their “personal” business public in one form or another. How do you feel that, are sex experiences all public or all private or somewhere in between? Can they be both? Is sex meant to be a shared experience (beyond of course the literal meaning)?

C.E. Hoffman: I explore this theme in I Could Have Danced All Night (My First Orgy), a story found in the collection! 

Sex is, in some ways, the most public thing that exists. Any human is a walking testament to sex and birth. In that essence, sex is life, which is all at once totally private (isolated, even!) and absolutely universal. 

P.L. In that sense, in the private world, pornography has a wide audience (and outsells regular movies) but most won’t admit to watching. Similarly “erotica” is greatly marginalized both as a creative art form (writing, art, etc.) Do you see it ever changing from this mold, becoming accepted or even normal?

C.E. Hoffman: Great question! Something divisive occurs in the human mind when sex enters the picture. Even Sluts and Whores has been mistaken for an erotic collection given its title- as if sex workers and sexually-active humans have nothing to offer outside eroticism! If we are to come to a healthy balance with sex, sexuality, and pleasure, acknowledging these forces as natural, beautiful, and powerful, I reckon we have a while to go. I hope this collection can do its part to bring that change forward. 

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