Three Poems by Bill Wolak

The Helplessness of Orgasm 

From the excited delirium  
of contorted flesh, 
arises the sudden  
of an embrace. 

Out of the trembling  
helplessness of orgasm, 
emerges the intimate  
stillness of honey. 


When your naked body  
quivers out of control, 
pale as the afterimage 
of a lightning flash, 
whisper into a flushed ear 
with a murmured sigh 
harder, harder, harder. 

Then speak only  
with the pressure 
of your thighs. 


Flashing your breasts 
so that only  
I could see 
quick as  
the middle  
of a dream 
all the open  
of your blouse 
are still smiling. 

Published by mistyrampart

Freelancer, poet, dreamer

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