A Dream Above the World [Story] by Naria Burke

A Dream Above the World

As I settled in and put my things on the floor, I took notice of the two gentlemen beside me. One had sandy brown hair, strong bone structure, with lots of sun kissed freckles. He was older, but he looked like he could be a male model. I noticed he had a gold band around his left ring finger, a family man, I assumed. The other man was olive skinned, with dark waves falling around his cheekbones. He was scrolling aimlessly on his tablet. Our knees touched accidentally, and I involuntarily jumped. “Sorry,” he said sheepishly. I didn’t mind. I tried to relax, opening my most recent read. I lost myself in the story.

Suddenly, I felt the dark-haired man to my right lay a strong hand on my thigh. He looked into my eyes and squeezed. Instantly, he pulled me into a deep kiss. I touched his ebony curls as he traced the curves of my waist, his movements becoming more needy. He pulled me onto his lap, and I was straddling him. To my surprise, the other man, Freckles, came behind me and kissed along my neck while tugging at my shirt. I turned to kiss him and felt his muscular chest as the man underneath me pulled my hips against him and grinded upwards against me. My heart pounded and my face felt flush. I panted as I tasted each of their warm mouths, rough stubble against my face and neck. 

The man behind me reached from behind to cup my breasts, squeezing, and exploring down my front. I felt my body temperature rise. We laid down the best we could, intertwining legs and arms and lips. It felt so good to be between them. I relished the moment of being all over two strong men, eager to taste me. My heart picked up pace as they did, my breath hitched, and my eyes rolled back. Oh my-

*ding ding*

“The captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign as we will be landing at JFK airport in about 30 minutes. Please enjoy the rest of the flight, as always thank you for flying with Delta Airlines.”

My eyes snapped open. I nervously cleared my throat and adjusted my shirt as I saw my book splayed out across my lap, I must have dozed off. I looked to my left; Freckles was sleeping peacefully with his head against the seatback. To my right, dark and handsome was still scrolling. I sighed with relief and tried to appear unassuming as I got my bags together. 

When the plane landed, I watched as the passengers got off. The three of us walked together, but they took no notice of me. As we entered the gate, I watched the two men walk away, eager to return to their lives, and whatever they had waiting for them at home. I stifled a smile as I walked to get my cab, holding my naughty secret inside with pleasure. It was cool and clean inside the car; I took notice of the soft black leather against my skin. My mind and body relaxed as I stared at the blurred lights of the city on my way back to my apartment, longing to be wrapped inside the safe warmth of my big white bed. 

The next day, I returned to work as normal. Sitting at my desk, my cat Chico rubbing against my ankles, I answered emails and planned my week ahead. Still jetlagged, my mind was fuzzy. I decided to make myself a cup of coffee and take a short break. I laid on my couch sipping my hot cup of deliciousness, willing it to wake me up and give me the strength to be an efficient human being. I opened my book. I read the descriptions of the sand and the cool waves of the sea, on the beach where the family built their sprawling summer home. The protagonist was embarking on a surfing lesson when the sentences started to blur on the page, I let the gentle tiredness take over and my eyes drifted shut. 

I felt a strong hand reach around and grab my neck, pointing my head backwards, forcing me to look at the man behind me. Tall, beautiful, with lots of freckles. In between my legs, was a head of dark, curly hair. 

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