About the Publication: Hello Readers and would-be contributors! What we do here at Pink Litter is publish original adult-themed writing. Our editorial focus is a shifty one, primarily we deal with the sensual and the crude (some say) but also look for the beauty that shines through. Our new tag line “Humanity. Divined” has, of course, a double meaning. That is, we try to understand the inner workings of our bodies and minds and in so doing discover what is truly supernatural about us and our existence. Issues are published Quarterly in an online pdf format, January, April, July and October. Follow us to receive occasional updates.

Editorial Focus: Here is where darkness meets light and creates our pretty, raunchy color. Elegance, Heat, Ribbons, Rust. Pink Litter: Humanity. Divined.

About the Editor: Misty Rampart’s books include Lady Lack (poems), Mrs. John Heat (novel) and Pale Shade of Paradise (poems and flash fiction).

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