Harlot – Poem by Anita McQueen


Anita McQueen – Harlot

She plods pickles
until they lay straight

they can’t help themselves
as she extends them a-

tasting a twinge
her future rot

apartment of mirrors
suffocating walls

a sun roof
taped over in black

her clothes
just a fluttering cape

she hoovers over their beds
as they squirt
up with pride

their milk
drying in the morning
scabs over her scars

she told me this
as I walked her home

No One Can See – Poem by Anita McQueen


Anita McQueen – No One Can See

Rain coming down
my chest

open blouse
closed heart
nipples hard

walking alone
empty street
backside of town

feel like screaming
but I won’t
too many freaks hiding

but maybe I’m one
not willing to
admit the obvious

I want to strip
off my wet clothes
except my boots

but I won’t
because I’d have to stomp
someone limp

there once was a man
I trusted until
I realized I cheat

glad it’s raining
so no one can see
my tears with the wicked raindrops.


Anita McQueen runs the streets at night, feeling the wind against her face, and long shadows on her back. Her poetry has appeared in Deuce Coupe, Visceral Uterus, and others.