IRENE THE ATM MACHINE [Poem] by Willie Smith

Pink Litter 14/10 In my dreams Irene won’t shut up. Even asleep of her I can’t get shut. Celebrated porno queen, virtual ATM machine. Does about a gang a day to keep the bills away. Whenever I key off my card the numbers I ache to rid myself of the riddle of her wink –Continue reading “IRENE THE ATM MACHINE [Poem] by Willie Smith”

SHOWGIRLS [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth

Pink Litter 14/9 A scarlet story on your face — from peaks to pit, your life in lips showcased. You show them what you cannot hide: a blush as meek as what has died inside, in children’s clothes. A drink, while changing, with a ghost— a waif that hates her dad the most. She shotContinue reading “SHOWGIRLS [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth”

CHEEROTICA [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth

Pink Litter 14/7 A virgin nerd my senior year, afraid of boys, ashamed to cheer. Routines remade in my bedroom in rolled up skirts and braids, a dad that looms. Fantasy never fades. I never wore a uniform though plaid’s a princess I adored. A home too bad for me to stay, a naked nymphContinue reading “CHEEROTICA [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth”

16MM VENUS 1973 [Poem] by Willie Smith

Pink Litter 14/6 She comes up out of the sea and she is all blond – she has lost her bikini; the shark of her smile took it. She reaches back. Wrings yellow hair in a wet mass. She wants to come over, primp, turn around – pray her ass be kissed. Her eyes glintContinue reading “16MM VENUS 1973 [Poem] by Willie Smith”