Surviving Trumps America [Story by Michael Marrotti]

Pink Litter 14/1 Our love life deteriorated during the presidential elections of 2016. Before this time period my lover wasn’t a left leaning feminist. Now the answer is usually no when I make sexual advances. We used to have such an active, participatory sex life together until the media subverted the mind of my lover.Continue reading “Surviving Trumps America [Story by Michael Marrotti]”

World Peace Through Intimacy [Editorial] by Mark Antony Rossi

The argument swirling around sexuality being procreational versus recreational has never made practical sense even from a theological standpoint. It’s been evident after reading the Song of Solomon, a book found in the Old Testament of the Bible, that sexual relations were a great deal more than matrimony and morality. Some of the oldest verseContinue reading “World Peace Through Intimacy [Editorial] by Mark Antony Rossi”

Are condoms erotic?

My erotica series The Diaries of Wanda Casey of which there are two installments, feature sexual situations in which the participants almost always use condoms. This adds a layer of realism and “safety” which for some people may be more erotic than the “dangerous” and more “fantasy-like” elements of unprotected sex. Then again, maybe not.Continue reading “Are condoms erotic?”

How do I look? I recently stumbled across this 3-D virtual sex game thing at and well, it was sure fun making a avatar of yours truly, without any imperfections or wrinkles! I am going to give the gaming thing a try and maybe we’ll run into each other who knows? My profile name is osebbucotiContinue reading