Pink Litter 11 [Magazine]

Here it is. The damnedest thing you’ve probably ever seen, even in your own life. Click on the image to read in pdf or by clicking here: It’ll help, after you download it and save it to your machine, if you go to your Adobe program, click view/page display and make sure “two-page” andContinue reading “Pink Litter 11 [Magazine]”

Art by and Talk with Rob True

Girl Lust Eyes rolled back Kissed neck Hands feel girlish flesh, plump Through silk dress No bra, no pants Mouth drooling, dribble Lips lick wet Kiss Mad girl lust Lips lit red Hand feels soft secret flesh treasure Up silk dress, bare Quim slick, dribble Fingered lips wet Rub Mad girl lust Blush lit redContinue reading “Art by and Talk with Rob True”

Ask Away [Interview] with Sasha Xiphias

I am the kind of girl who has to be asked. I mean, on the level of sexual experimentation. I will never say a word about what I fantasize, even not in bed. I don’t like to dirty talk. But if you ask the right thing, perhaps even when it’s not my thing at first thought,Continue reading “Ask Away [Interview] with Sasha Xiphias”

Interview with Photographers Constance and Eric

PL: Please start by telling us a little about yourself and how you began as an artist. C: I was born and raised down da bayous of South Louisiana.  My father was a photography enthusiast and we had a dark room in our house when I was growing up. There was not much to doContinue reading “Interview with Photographers Constance and Eric”

No Boundaries: An Interview with the Artist T.H. Cayne

PL: Please start by telling us a little about yourself and how you began as an artist. TH: I started young. I was highly prodigious at drawing, and I did nothing else back then (also at school, where at the end I was allowed to do it in class because the teachers loved my drawings).Continue reading “No Boundaries: An Interview with the Artist T.H. Cayne”

Sex and Erotica – Essay by Peter Baltensperger

Peter Baltensperger – Sex and Erotica In response to our Self-Interview post, one of our more thoughtful contributors, Peter Baltensperger, provided us with this well-crafted essay. I feel we’re meant to express our sexuality in whatever ways come naturally and storytelling is just a natural part of that. It is, to use a well worn expression, theContinue reading “Sex and Erotica – Essay by Peter Baltensperger”