Self Interview with Mick Harris

Self-Interview with Mick Harris P.L.      First the obvious: what turns you on, personally and professionally? Personally, I’m turned on by a wide variety of things, from straight-up romance novel style hetero-normative seduction of the innocent virginal flower, to “hardcore” and bizarre/absurd sex acts.  I am turned on by good conversations, by the constant tensionContinue reading “Self Interview with Mick Harris”

Interview yourself for Pink Litter

We’d like to get your thoughts about erotic literature today.  I realize that some of you write just for fun and others write for a living, but I wanted to get some feedback for Pinklitter. Anyone who’d like to give me their two cents, it would be appreciated – we can, with your permission, use yourContinue reading “Interview yourself for Pink Litter”

Art Slut: Modeling, Sex and Porn According to Sasha Xiphias (Photography by T.H. Cayne)

The story started quite some time ago, when a woman I knew was taking some pictures of me after some wine and dine at her place, and asked me, as a joke, to undress. I did. (I even masturbated in front of her some time later, and we never talked about that again.) Such a thingContinue reading “Art Slut: Modeling, Sex and Porn According to Sasha Xiphias (Photography by T.H. Cayne)”