Laws of Attraction [Poem] by Larry Oakner

Laws of Attraction How can bodies still elicit sparks  when memory persists in melting time and what was shared over thirty years past be just as present in both our minds? Secreted in a wooded room, candlelit, serenaded by the shushing surf, our steaming skin still scented from  the scald of mineral springs, I silently lead you by your hand  to the table whereContinue reading “Laws of Attraction [Poem] by Larry Oakner”

Erotic Exchanges [Poem] by Frederick Foote

Erotic Exchanges She wrote, “Dripping with affection for your erection.” He replied, “Steeling myself in memory of your affection.” She said, “Dreaming of your deep injection.’ He penned, “Longing for your wet, warm reception.” She scribed, “Offering my openings to you without exception.” He closed with, “Here’s toasting our connubial perfection.” She added, “Here’s hopingContinue reading “Erotic Exchanges [Poem] by Frederick Foote”

Two Poems by Wayne F. Burke

spita sweat-hog in the bedbeside me, one of her titsa flattened loaf of bread, theother like a torpedo–I wonder when the last timeshe brushed her teeth;after she spitsinto her handI cannot go through with it:I hang-out at the edge of thebeduntilshe starts to snore. FacialShe took it like a sword-swallowerin and out, thelength of it,Continue reading “Two Poems by Wayne F. Burke”

Frame Chain [Poem] by Peter Mladinic

Schaeffer tells Amanda: Elsie Pym, in her early fifties,her hair coiled, a braided bun on top,took pins from her hair.The coil came undone, her hair fellto the small of her back. When I’d see her mornings in Embersshe’d take my order, her dark-rimmedglasses fastened to a silver chain.The glasses on a chain, the coiled hair,and,Continue reading “Frame Chain [Poem] by Peter Mladinic”

The Rose of Sharon [Poem] by Larry Oakner

The Rose of Sharon isn’t really a rose, but it’s still a flower as real as the name you whispered in my ear in a voice rubbed smooth by a thousand hours of midnight and smoke. The space between real and imagined is a close as your breath on my cheek. What is real are your eyes that burn asContinue reading “The Rose of Sharon [Poem] by Larry Oakner”

itch [Poem] by Ben Newell

Hot blonde in a sundress[big tits, no bra]approaches the reference desk.  “Can I have some of that hand sanitizer?”she asks.  “Of course,” I say.“That’s what it’s for . . .” She pumpsa liberal amount into her handthen applies it to her ankle— “Mosquito bite,” she says.  “This stuff takes careof the itch . . .” SomeContinue reading “itch [Poem] by Ben Newell”