Love’s Passion – Poem by Darrin Phillip Henderson

Darrin Phillip Henderson – Love’s Passion A sound, around, in my ear, rushing, gushing, it is clear, not silent, or still, but it does flutter, absurd, a word, I dare not utter. A heat, a heartbeat, with a zest, thrilling, spilling, on my chest, a quiver, and sizzle with every pass, babbling, bubbling, bold asContinue reading “Love’s Passion – Poem by Darrin Phillip Henderson”

I can feel you in the fog – Poem by John Fineday

John Fineday – I can feel you in the fog I can feel you in the fog Like a heavy breath — Your hands lean heavily Upon my breast. And your hips, They move elsewhere; Ours together, yet apart from it all. My own arms grow Into your hair, As we, the frame, Support thisContinue reading “I can feel you in the fog – Poem by John Fineday”

Harlot – Poem by Anita McQueen

Anita McQueen – Harlot She plods pickles until they lay straight they can’t help themselves as she extends them a- long tasting a twinge her future rot apartment of mirrors suffocating walls a sun roof taped over in black her clothes just a fluttering cape she hoovers over their beds as they squirt up withContinue reading “Harlot – Poem by Anita McQueen”

No One Can See – Poem by Anita McQueen

Anita McQueen – No One Can See Rain coming down my chest sparkling open blouse closed heart nipples hard walking alone empty street backside of town feel like screaming but I won’t too many freaks hiding but maybe I’m one not willing to admit the obvious I want to strip off my wet clothes exceptContinue reading “No One Can See – Poem by Anita McQueen”