Harlot – Poem by Anita McQueen

Anita McQueen – Harlot She plods pickles until they lay straight they can’t help themselves as she extends them a- long tasting a twinge her future rot apartment of mirrors suffocating walls a sun roof taped over in black her clothes just a fluttering cape she hoovers over their beds as they squirt up withContinue reading “Harlot – Poem by Anita McQueen”

No One Can See – Poem by Anita McQueen

Anita McQueen – No One Can See Rain coming down my chest sparkling open blouse closed heart nipples hard walking alone empty street backside of town feel like screaming but I won’t too many freaks hiding but maybe I’m one not willing to admit the obvious I want to strip off my wet clothes exceptContinue reading “No One Can See – Poem by Anita McQueen”