New Poetry Book!

Hey friends, I thought I would let you know that I recently published a new poetry book: 6″… as in 6 inch heels not that other thing! What were you thinking about? There’s so much to think about, you know? This collection covers about everything. Kindle edition coming sometime soon. Thanks for taking a look!Continue reading “New Poetry Book!”

Pink Litter dot com Updates

Hello followers! There you are. Check out the latest posts on our new website: Baby is Back by Mimi Bordeaux Every Dream Offers Two Mirrors by Bill Wolak Heartbeat by Mimi Bordeaux Your Mouth by Francis David Each Space Between Kisses by Bill Wolak Sexhair by JG Cain The Taos Hum by JG Cain AsContinue reading “Pink Litter dot com Updates”


And in a breath, darling, you get him as stiff as dust. It’s your willingness to stay – your hand a glove full of bait. You’ll send him back to where he came from with a rebel wail. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone where you found the pedal, the trick.