The Spiritual Protests by Misty Rampart — Brief Wilderness

Oh Angela, you make it harder on the rest of us whose knees also hurt from a sort of vise-like prayer God hates division among us and in general, so do you have to put on such a show? I have so many questions. The beach has no mosquitoes. Elsewhere, though, a man bites every […]Continue reading “The Spiritual Protests by Misty Rampart — Brief Wilderness”

The Male Gaze In Porn (With commentary by Doge) / Ms Naughty

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A PSA from Ms. Naughty and “An illustration of how straight porn often caters to an assumed male audience. With commentary by Doge and bonus sound effects. This video is NSFW because it is discussing and critiquing adult material, using censored examples (and ridiculous noises). The 8 ways porn reproduces…