Red Licorice, Black Lingerie [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth

Black lingerie, red licorice, pink lust in lace you trace then kiss. Delight inside a dark doe eye. A freckled cheek is just an alibi. I’m neither virgin, bride in white. I’m looking for a dirty knight. I’m not a child — not naive. Educate me. Make me believe. Girl who’s erudite enough: my filthContinue reading “Red Licorice, Black Lingerie [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth”

Sock Slut [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth

Two legs, in ponies prancing, strut, a chest of socks that won’t quite shut, a maxed out Visa, cruel clerks can cut. Stripe of flesh, thigh high, argyle smut — a cotton climax. A stalk of stores and styles galore — Target, princess, Wal-mart, whore. No kneesocks left in her hometown. Safari hunts requisite forContinue reading “Sock Slut [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth”

You Don’t Want This [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth

“I don’t want this.” You’re smug in stripes, dark suit. A table dance turndown with taunt: wry wave, rebuke my plaid, rebuff my braids. Pursuit: two pilots, table over — cash, depraved. A dozen dances, dollars drained. All done too damp to dress, my top against my chest, you suggest, by wave, I stop —Continue reading “You Don’t Want This [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth”

VELVET RIBBONS [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth

My velvet ribbons, raven hair, invite your touches, freckled dare. Two hard rosettes, black lace can’t hide. A hot pink heat, replete, that won’t subside. In clothes a captive, set me free. Unbuttoned, trace a map of Braille to me: goosebumps to nipples, shivers, sweat. A trail to tease me, wait so wet. With navelContinue reading “VELVET RIBBONS [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth”

BEDTIME STORY [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth

  Pink Litter 14/11 I want it with a glass of milk. A poke of nipples through a slip of silk. Velvet ribbon in my dark hair. This tale bespoke, I must prepare, await you angelic. You found a woman, saw the girl. Whispers in bed a bud bound tight unfurls. The plot: conquest inContinue reading “BEDTIME STORY [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth”

SHOWGIRLS [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth

Pink Litter 14/9 A scarlet story on your face — from peaks to pit, your life in lips showcased. You show them what you cannot hide: a blush as meek as what has died inside, in children’s clothes. A drink, while changing, with a ghost— a waif that hates her dad the most. She shotContinue reading “SHOWGIRLS [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth”

CHEEROTICA [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth

Pink Litter 14/7 A virgin nerd my senior year, afraid of boys, ashamed to cheer. Routines remade in my bedroom in rolled up skirts and braids, a dad that looms. Fantasy never fades. I never wore a uniform though plaid’s a princess I adored. A home too bad for me to stay, a naked nymphContinue reading “CHEEROTICA [Sonnet] by Kristin Garth”