How to Have an Affair [Story] by Pete Mladinic

How to Have an Affair I’m at my desk in the small office and Lynn is crouched under the desk sucking me off like a vacuum. The office is lit, so is the suite. Outside my locked door a few people pass by, with no idea what’s going on. It was Lynn’s idea, she didn’t think, just didContinue reading “How to Have an Affair [Story] by Pete Mladinic”

On Radishchev Street [Story] by Oleg Razumovsky

On Radishchev Street  At the beginning of the summer, in the heat, I hit the bottle. My wife, as usual, kicked me out of the house. I had absolutely no place to go. For a while I cried at the window and begged her to let me in, but then I remembered that Father gaveContinue reading “On Radishchev Street [Story] by Oleg Razumovsky”

A Dream Above the World [Story] by Naria Burke

A Dream Above the World As I settled in and put my things on the floor, I took notice of the two gentlemen beside me. One had sandy brown hair, strong bone structure, with lots of sun kissed freckles. He was older, but he looked like he could be a male model. I noticed heContinue reading “A Dream Above the World [Story] by Naria Burke”

“Producer” by Ty Spencer Vossler now available on Payhip

We’re all about sharing something new with you our devoted followers, and today we’re proud to announce that long-time contributor Ty Spencer Vossler and Pink Litter have teamed up to produce, well, “Producer“, a tale about lovely wife Lucia and her husband who trade cash for a professional fucking by one of the adult filmContinue reading ““Producer” by Ty Spencer Vossler now available on Payhip”