Or Then the Thunder [Story by Peter Baltensperger]

Sometimes the storm clouds weren’t enough, nor distorted parallelograms sailing across an imaginary sky, aching breasts. The air was thick with premonition, the sky wild, but not close enough, not close enough. Vermilion Black was lying on her bed with her hands on her breasts, waiting impatiently, stroking and kneading, pulling and twisting her nipples.Continue reading “Or Then the Thunder [Story by Peter Baltensperger]”

Elizabeth Bathory: A Fluid Exchange – Story by Roo Bardookie

Introduction: A Drop In the Bucket The story is of Romania or Transylvania.  She is related to the Impaler, or Dracula.  Was she a vampire?  Was she a witch?  Did she drink the blood, bathe in it, or use it as cold cream.  Recently there was a movie that attempted to shed light on theContinue reading “Elizabeth Bathory: A Fluid Exchange – Story by Roo Bardookie”

Far From Leaking Stars – Story by Peter Baltensperger

Far From Leaking Stars by Peter Baltensperger The darkness was brimming with stark images of dread, palpable shadows in obscure corners, haunting grimaces, unrestrained passion, lust. A woman screamed in her sleep. A woman screamed through her orgasmic release. Invisible clocks ticked frantically through the potent night, inevitable moments dripping away into nothingness. Aurora ShifferContinue reading “Far From Leaking Stars – Story by Peter Baltensperger”

Night in Amerika – Story by Steve Calamars

Night in Amerika by Steve Calamars      The noose hangs from a ceiling fan.  It consists of a dull green extension-cord.  It’s positioned in the center of the small apartment.      Clint Garrett stands up from an opened book stretched out over a desk.  The book is Amerika by Franz Kafka.  The desk is constructedContinue reading “Night in Amerika – Story by Steve Calamars”