Air Conditioning – Story by Joseph James Cawein

A disorder of the mind I said Fuck you she said You’re more than welcome I said With a nine and a half foot pole she said I tore off her skirt and fucked her in the ass Some cunt you are she said Not even big enough to hurt me she said If yourContinue reading “Air Conditioning – Story by Joseph James Cawein”

Inbox – Story by Misty Rampart

Misty Rampart – Inbox Subject: Re: Hello misty rampart  <> wrote: hey tom, i just got your email on personals.  i am actually home sick today from work, so thought i would write you back.  i am obviously not a paying member to the site, so it is difficult to communicate more than once w/Continue reading “Inbox – Story by Misty Rampart”

Barracuda in a Sea Of Mermaids – Story by Catfish McDaris

It all started the night I hurt my neck while trying to suck my own dick. This beautiful lady from East St.Louis, Missouri said, “I’m from the Show Me State, so fucking do it, if you want it done.” Me being half way to Jupiter fucked up, I seriously thought maybe my mouth would reachContinue reading “Barracuda in a Sea Of Mermaids – Story by Catfish McDaris”

Ethereal Differentiations – Story by Peter Baltensperger

The black sky seemed to shiver with stars, the eyes never quite able to focus on generalities, the fragility of things. Nothing ever stood completely still, not long enough to fix in time and space, not long enough to comprehend. Meanwhile, moments evaporated relentlessly, irretrievably, like rain on a hot summer afternoon. Daylight always cameContinue reading “Ethereal Differentiations – Story by Peter Baltensperger”

Business and Pleasure: Excerpt from Misty Rampart’s novel “Mrs. John Heat”

Misty Rampart – Business and Pleasure May 23 Joy is such a tease that you have to take what you can get and enjoy it while you can, and try not to get bent out of shape about it. Consider your experiences gifts because you never know how it will work out. Sometimes the universeContinue reading “Business and Pleasure: Excerpt from Misty Rampart’s novel “Mrs. John Heat””

Blue VHS – Story by Bud Smith

Sometimes, i went in my closet and got the blue VHS that i’d recorded with her mother’s camcorder. the tape had me and Carry awkwardly fucking in the basement where i used to live. she was nude except her purple fishnets. i was real tan and had a beard back then. people sometimes asked meContinue reading “Blue VHS – Story by Bud Smith”