Anything Goes [Story] by Oleg Razumovsky

One day I sat with Natasha near her house, eating the cakes she gave me. Her parents hated me. They thought that I was useless scum. Even her Father, a pathetic drunk, despised me. But Natasha sorta loved me and sometimes brought some food from home. And even bought booze, if she managed to stealContinue reading “Anything Goes [Story] by Oleg Razumovsky”

Delicate Tornado Part Seven: Red Wedding

Red Wedding People always show their true colors eventually, but it usually worked out for this girl, at least in some small way. I could count my triumphs and my failures in fairly even amounts, but the experience of each blissful moment and the freedom of doing it my way and not giving a shit,Continue reading “Delicate Tornado Part Seven: Red Wedding”

Delicate Tornado Part Six: Cashing In

Cashing In “That wasn’t the first time I got paid for sex,” she said as I snuggled up against my friend the next morning. “Oh…really?” I asked. “Yes…,” she said, “well, this was the second time, and the first one was a long time ago. But I still remember it – every detail in fact.”Continue reading “Delicate Tornado Part Six: Cashing In”

Pink Litter dot com Updates

Hello followers! There you are. Check out the latest posts on our new website: Baby is Back by Mimi Bordeaux Every Dream Offers Two Mirrors by Bill Wolak Heartbeat by Mimi Bordeaux Your Mouth by Francis David Each Space Between Kisses by Bill Wolak Sexhair by JG Cain The Taos Hum by JG Cain AsContinue reading “Pink Litter dot com Updates”

Delicate Tornado Part Three: Bareback

“I drank the lady’s come, delicious and steeped in sanctity, truly a religious experience.” Bareback To be loved, fully, wholly, properly. To have it administered to you, served up just the way you like it, as if in all the universe there was only one of you and a singular pleasure and that it couldContinue reading “Delicate Tornado Part Three: Bareback”

Delicate Tornado Chapter Two: Homecoming

“She came over me and kissed me deeply, pressing her heaving chest against mine. I was so turned on I was about to burst on the spot. “ Homecoming I always seemed to be at the mercy of shifting tides and floating with the changing currents, but wasn’t this all somehow all my doing, oneContinue reading “Delicate Tornado Chapter Two: Homecoming”