Delicate Tornado Part Three: Bareback

“I drank the lady’s come, delicious and steeped in sanctity, truly a religious experience.” Bareback To be loved, fully, wholly, properly. To have it administered to you, served up just the way you like it, as if in all the universe there was only one of you and a singular pleasure and that it couldContinue reading “Delicate Tornado Part Three: Bareback”

Delicate Tornado Chapter Two: Homecoming

“She came over me and kissed me deeply, pressing her heaving chest against mine. I was so turned on I was about to burst on the spot. “ Homecoming I always seemed to be at the mercy of shifting tides and floating with the changing currents, but wasn’t this all somehow all my doing, oneContinue reading “Delicate Tornado Chapter Two: Homecoming”

Delicate Tornado Chapter One: Settling Down

I’ve decided to release the latest edition of the Wanda Casey saga for free in installments! You can catch up by reading the first two books here and here. Settling Down Sometimes you must shrug your shoulders and chalk things up to experience, which is what someone said is what you get when you don’t getContinue reading “Delicate Tornado Chapter One: Settling Down”

For Her Pleasure Part II: Chapter One

The thing, I mean the thing I’d been dreading the most, just happened: running into my ex-husband and, of course, his new girlfriend. Who just happens to be 20 years younger than me. Fuck. Of course, from her perspective, I’m his past, the one who couldn’t please him. So naturally he’d have to trade up.Continue reading “For Her Pleasure Part II: Chapter One”

Quelch [Story] by Mimi Bordeaux

I am walking across the mall in the city. Such an ugly piece of construction, with equally ugly people in it. OK I know you have to go to gay bars to find gorgeous folk but honestly, Melbourne has to have the worst society for badly dressed, overweight, pimply, unattractive slobs (except for Adelaide andContinue reading “Quelch [Story] by Mimi Bordeaux”

Deluxe Suite [Story] by Mimi Bordeaux

She is mistress, cocotte. Feme, peon. Her Tarot reading hands outstretch, inviting the phantom sucklings to dinner. She is the Shack. I enter through a broken gate up a side alleyway until I find the open door. I press forward, a hot knife searing slicing through my stomach. Her room is large, decorated with oilContinue reading “Deluxe Suite [Story] by Mimi Bordeaux”