From the Editor

Now a bit of revisionist history, this is where it all began. Not that there’s much to tell. But we had to start somewhere. So we got some pretty hot poems together and some rather interesting art from Gordon Purkis. Here’s what it looked like:

Hello, Dear Reader!

Welcome to the modestly immodest launch issue of Pink Litter an erotic poetry and art publication. Thanks to the contributors–they’re few at this point but we hope to get the work out there and grow. Kudos to Linda Crate with her endearing unforgettable, Howie Good’s near mirror opposite image of Linda’s poem in Post-coital Blues, and a threesome of bold portraits from Rosalee Thompson. Special thanks to Gordon Purkis who supplied the works of art. It’s kind of a good start, no? So, let this help you in your quest to be added to these pages!

Misty Rampart

Read on…

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