Paul Hostovsky – Two Poems

Big Picture

And what are we but two
ticks who have found
the deer-throat of love, love?
No different than all
the other little borers
and all the little fuckers
out there in the world
who would eat us if we
weren’t already lovingly
eating each other right now
naked on the living room floor.
I came in from raking,
took off all my clothes,
jumped in the shower,
and then stood before you,
dripping, glistening like
something pulled from the sea,
asking you to please
check me for ticks, love.
So with your eyes first,
then with your fingers
and your lips, you obliged,
grooming me like the primate
that you are and I am.
And although you didn’t
find any ticks, you found
I was getting aroused,
and you were getting aroused,
and you took me in your mouth
as the west wind blew
all the autumnal tumbling
leaves of the world around
and around and around outside
the big picture window.


His Research

This searching again
and again,
almost every night now,
for the beautiful
bodies of the world
which never before
in the history of the world
had been so
accessible. Thank God
for the Internet,
he thought, unbuttoning
his button
and sitting down to another
session. He was assiduous
in his observations—
the subtlest movements,
the most devastating
nuances, especially the mouths,
their forced openings
at the hands of so much
pleasure. All this he took
note of while his own mouth
opened in sympathy
with their mouths, or maybe
in sympathy with his eyes
which were never more
open in his life. His passion
for his research took the form
of a little string of spittle
that hung from his lower lip
in front of the monitor
and swung like a pendulum
above the trackball
that rolled around and around
like an eye
beneath his touch.

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