Concha Y Toro – Poem by Louis Marvin

They waltzed into the room, in Spain, Cuba and Ecuador.

In Mexico, with Tequila and Coronas, they sat and watched the young folks salsa and kiss.

In Chile, they took a boat and smell the salt sea air.

These lovers of life, a man and wife, to the sangria y tapas y chiles y amore.

The guitar plays, the gypsies dance, and the deep red skirt twirls, black hair and black eyes flash.

Concha Y Toro, the lovers of life sway in Puerto Rico, dip in Florida, laugh in Texas and California.

In El Salvador and in Guatemala, we smile into each others’ eyes.

We have danced and loved in a cantina that was our lives.  We have tasted the wine of each other.

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