Elizabeth Bathory: A Fluid Exchange – Story by Roo Bardookie

Roo Bardookie – Elizabeth Bathory: Fluid Exchange

Introduction: A Drop In the Bucket

The story is of Romania or Transylvania.  She is related to the Impaler, or Dracula.  Was she a vampire?  Was she a witch?  Did she drink the blood, bathe in it, or use it as cold cream.  Recently there was a movie that attempted to shed light on the real lady and her deeds.  She is Elizabeth Bathory.

The story goes that she got a splash of blood on her skin, and that area seemed to grow younger.  The cosmetics industry knows how much women are willing to do to stay youthful.  A countess was willing to abduct, torture and fill her castle with blood letting in order to stay her crows’ feet.

But, that is not why we are here.  In a simple twist of fate, with something as mundane as a droplet of semen, the story has been changed.  I want to tell you the real story of what happened and how men have covered it up.  It was not young women she went after.  It was men and their weapons.  No eunuchs allowed.  And, if she needed more of the juice to get young, size did indeed matter to the countess.

This is the true story of how Elizabeth Bathory did her best to rid the countryside of young, strapping, well hung males.  What would this woman have done for Viagra?  For that, I think she would have gone to war.  You might want to lay some rubber mats down, as this is a messy tale.

Getting No Satisfaction

The screaming could be heard both in and out of the castle.  A man’s near shriek.  The pitch would be higher if the balls had been taken.

“I’m throwing this to the dogs!” exclaimed Bathory.

And she did indeed toss the man’s severed member out the window.  The dogs knew to come running when they heard someone scream.

He crawled out into the hallway with his hands on his cock stump, while blood poured and splashed.  He continued to scream.

“I should have been the one screaming with joy.”

The servants heard the ruckus, and came running.  They knew to expect the worst.  This was not the first time a sexual encounter ended in bloodshed for the countess.  She knew she wanted to have satisfaction.  The climax would be her breathless, or her male slaves could suffer the consequences.

She didn’t care about the bloody mess or if the door was open to her room.  She pleasured herself and began to moan.  Just another evening at the Bathory castle.

That Fateful Splash

The Countess was getting pleasured by three servants, when she grew bored and looked down and saw some semen on her stomach.  She rubbed it around in circles with her finger.  The skin beneath seemed to glow and come alive.  She used her whole hand and found some of the other droplets and began to rub more on her stomach.  It did seem to help with a youthful appearance.

She grabbed the servant that had not come.  She immediately began to jack him off.  They were very adept at getting hard quickly, or they would not be around.  She worked him up into a lather and let the load go on her belly and some on her hands.  She rubbed it into her hands, and into her stomach.

“Can you come again?”

“Yes countess.”

She grabbed the second servant’s cock and milked him too.  Once again, the semen seemed to do the trick.

“Get out!”

She washed herself off with water that was in a basin.  It seemed to her that her skin was drying and old where she used the water.  She popped her head out of the door and one of the guards was there.

“Come here.”

She took down his pants and began to rub.  He was not even getting half hard.

“Beg you pardon, countess. . .”

“I did not speak to you.”

She slapped him in the face and he staggered backwards.

“You had better cure yourself now.”

She began again and he looked concerned.  She was beautiful, but it had no affect on him.  So she took a scissors and snipped off his member.

“You are dismissed soldier.”

He ran out of the room and held his bleeding stump.  He left another bloody trail to follow.

She called for another set of servants.  Five men came this time,  along with a maiden to help her.

“Help me to drain these dragons into this cup.”

They lined up the men, who knew to get erect.  The hand maiden was scared, but wet.  The countess told her to get undressed.  She took too long, so Bathory helped to rip her clothes off in front of the throbbing men.  The ladies began their work.

“Don’t spill a single drop!”

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