From the Editor

If you judge this magazine by the cover you might be fooled because we start out looking kind of sweet, at least on the surface, and then if you dig a little deeper you find us disgustingly real. Then hopefully you accept us. Then, eventually, you admire us. This publication is all about perception and what it doesn’t do. Does the bride who wears white and dreams of wedded bliss expect to remain so? Not if she’s realistic. Even if she made it to her wedding night she’s still going to spread those legs…which is just a prelude to one or more downfalls…then what?

We can do the  tender side of love but we’re OK with the roughest edges you can show us.  We’ll struggle to be defined as anything — certainly erotica, for lack of a better word, will be our niche, but we want to see where it goes. It’s about pinning down the intangible with what we do have: words and images, some original, some borrowed, but pressed into one beautiful rag.

Our Motto: Material. Whirled. What that means and will continue to mean will be  largely up to you, so if you think you want to be included in the next issue (pinkies crossed there will be another) then come on big boy or big girl, give it to us.

Misty Rampart, Editor-in Chief

To read what we have, simply click here and read on…

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