From the Editor

Adult Film Star Brittney Skye

Believe me, I like a good game, but for the most part just lay it all on the line, give it to be straight (and hard – sorry, couldn’t resist). What we’re attempting to do for the erotic subculture is to bring it out of its tiny shell and let it breathe. If we don’t at least shock you a little bit – awe you – make your draw jop – jaw drop, then we’re not doing our jobs.

In this issue of Pink Litter we continue to form our mold: we’re intelligent, cute, smart-assed and everything else you both love and hate about people you’re intimate with in some form. We ride and get ridden pretty hard. We discover that beauty is painted and rough and tumble. Love, the way we like it, is usually the juicy kind.

Thanks to Jessy Suicide over at SuicideGirls for allowing us to use some of her beautiful models for our show, and to all who contribute or even dare to glance at our publication. On we go…

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