Sacrifice – Poem by Rena Rossner

When zimri fucked kozbi before the altar of God

Rivers of cum flooded the Temple

Or so the Talmud says

That’s quite a lot of cum

I think, poor midianite princess.


We can only manage rivulets on the bed, our marriage altar

Some Biblical harlot I am

A twinning of his cum and my tears

The temple of our love as shocked

By the sacrilege as God must have been then


Lately I try to fuck away the purity

Lose myself in the sanctity of lust

Desire made flesh,

I’m bound and gagged,

An offering to all that is forbidden

I sacrifice my soul with these words

Inscribed in blood and pain

Written on the body

Burned into the brain

Smoke me


Rena Rossner is a graduate of the Writing Seminars program at The Johns  Hopkins University and holds an MA in History from McGill University.  She has written for The Jerusalem Report  and The Jerusalem Post. Her first novel is out on submission., @renarossner,

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