Ripples [Story] By T.C. Mill

Her hand squeezes mine. “I have a surprise.” We’re walking around the pool, headed back to our room, and step carefully on wet concrete. Waves slap the tiled edge beside us. “A nice one?” “Is there any other kind?” She laughs, and as if in rebuke for my doubt she makes me wait outside whileContinue reading “Ripples [Story] By T.C. Mill”

Orifice Decisions [Poem] by David Mac

1. She had blowjob lips and blowjob eyes, a blowjob smile. She had a big mouth, a big pink wet mouth. Her lips glistened and her tongue was fat, swollen. And when she used to talk, I used to nod. “Of course I’m listening to you,” I’d say. But thinking all the time: a perfectContinue reading “Orifice Decisions [Poem] by David Mac”

Ask Away [Interview] with Sasha Xiphias

I am the kind of girl who has to be asked. I mean, on the level of sexual experimentation. I will never say a word about what I fantasize, even not in bed. I don’t like to dirty talk. But if you ask the right thing, perhaps even when it’s not my thing at first thought,Continue reading “Ask Away [Interview] with Sasha Xiphias”

Recidivism [Flash Fiction] by Len Kuntz

We meet each month, forgetting about broken bones and jilted promises, the day we swam naked in The Keys, her affairs, her shoe buying compulsions, the time her mother said I was the wrong one, the day I slammed my fist through the kitchen window, the grown children who no longer live here. It’s notContinue reading “Recidivism [Flash Fiction] by Len Kuntz”